Is Buying Custom Assignments Cheating?

The answer to this question is of course NO, as using custom assignments to improve your learning is 100% legal and often recommended.

The intent of guide books and solved problems books is not to provide direct answers, but to give students an opportunity to compare their answers with the correct ones, and then identify their mistakes and lacking.

The same goes with custom assignments that you buy from Assignment Box. The completed assignment that we provide you is simply a guidance tool for you to better understand your assignment requirements and attempt it in a more comprehensive and proficient way. It is similar to using books, newspapers, and journal articles to enhance your knowledge of the subject. Like the other mediums of learning, custom essays also serve as a useful resource from which you can get take help while developing your assignment yourself.

What is a Custom Assignment?

A custom assignment, prepared by Assignment Box, is one that is written specifically for a particular customer's need and specifications. These assignments are tailored by our professional writers, keeping into account the topic, formatting and other specifications given by the customer. So, they are not general assignments, but custom-made assignments to meet the distinct need of customers.

What Is The Right Way To Use These Assignments Legitimately?

If you take guidance from our model answers the same way you take from books, journal articles, reports, and past papers, then there is nothing wrong in using the custom assignment writing service. As our research is germane and 100% original, it can be taken as an authentic source to shape your assignment and papers. Our core intent is to guide students in their process of writing assignments, and make them understand the proper structure and pattern of writing the assignment as per the given instructions.

Students following our assignments as model papers and will further go through their research to better understand the topic are using this service honestly and legitimately. When you come to us for your assignment related guidance, we trust you that you will use your service in the guided way and will not infringe the law of copyright and cheating.

Is There Any Way It Can Be Treated As Cheating?

Yes. If you use the assignment or research papers completed by our experts as it is and submit it with your own credentials. This will then be treated as a form of cheating as you have misused our service, which merely intended to work as a guide for you. Also, if you directly copy paste or simply paraphrase our assignments, then it can also be perceived as cheating from your end. Our assignments and writing assistance are strictly bound to be used as guidelines and not as the final submission.

Is Online Assignment Writing Services Legal?

Yes of course. If this was not useful then Google would have far banned the websites giving assignment writing assistance service to its clients. If custom assignment writing service is declared illegal, then guide books and solved papers will also have to be declared illegal and unlawful, as they near the same purpose as custom papers and assignments. The intent of the online assignment writing services is not to spoon feed students with ready-made assignments, but to help them in understanding the complications and distinct requirements of the assignment.

Why The Media is Portraying This Industry As Unlawful?

Yes, this is true that the media has spread a very negative image of the online writing and assistance service industry. This is primarily due to the fact that the media reporters do not go through an extensive research and state a fact that looks true, but is very far from reality. Another reason why this industry is ostracized by the media is because some of the amateur writing companies allow using their custom assignments as it is in the university submission. This is not only unlawful, but also unethical, as it limits the ability of the students in completing assignments and papers on their own. The presence of such black sheep in the community is one reason that the industry is blamed to be unlawful. However, if the active media endeavor’stry to find the truth behind the covers, they will figure out that the custom writing service industry has played an important role in raising the academic bars of the students.

Will My Professor/University Will Find Out That I Have Used This Service?

Absolutely not! Our company complies with the 1998 Data Protection Act and are bound to keep all your information and data confidential, and to the company only. We do not share our customers' information with any third party, be it your professor, university or any other commanding body. If you have used our service properly, then you do not have to worry about any law violation.

This Means I Can Use This Service?

Yes, if you intend to use it in the right way with honesty and ethicality. You just have to remember that the custom-made essays, research papers and assignments are simply for your guidance and it should not be passed on directly to your professor. If you want to take advantage of our expert's knowledge and experience, then you shouldavail our services and take useful ideas and information for your final work.