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Let’s face it, writing an assignment is just the beginning of your worst nightmares. Not only that you’ve to be wary about the specific requirements of your professor, but you also need to ensure that you dig further to present arguments that are sound and convincing. In addition to that, you’ve to use genuine references to emphasise your reasoning or arguments.

For most, assignment writing is a big challenge, especially for those who have always been annoyed with academic writing tasks. But you are not supposed to take it as a nightmare. Instead, consider it as a beautiful dream that leads you to an incredible destiny. So instead of cursing, you can consider learning how to write assignment because, it is a pretty amazing activity that helps you perk up your writing, editing, thinking, research and, analytical skills.

But due to all the hectic work and scarce research and writing skills, most students tend to seek the help of experts to get the job done with efficiency and top-quality. If it sounds like you, then don’t waste your time anymore and ask the professionals for their prompt assistance now.

How to Write Assignment - A Simple Guideline from Academic Experts

Let's take the simplest path to discover how you can write an assignment which gets you impressive marks as well as encouraging remarks from your professors. Check out the following guidelines to learn, how to make an assignment that is insightful, genuine and grade-winning:

  • Elect a good topic. Keep in mind that opting for a broad subject-matter would be a bad call. To ensure that you present a pretty focused argument or a convincing debate, your topic needs to be specific yet offers an in-depth approach. You need a great topic that is also time relevant and interesting to write about it. If you choose a focused topic, it would be much easier for you to include convincing arguments about it. Therefore, it is good to spend some time in making a good selection of a topic.
  • Develop the research question. This step involves the presentation of a thesis statement that’ll educate the readers about the main theme of the assignment. Include a mind-boggling question in your thesis statement. Readers need answers and, if they already know the answer to your question, your discussion is over. So put forward a unique question which has never been asked before.
  • Create an outline. Outlining is one of the fundamental parts of assignment writing. It mainly presents the key headings and sub-headings, along with a brief description of the main points that’ll be covered in the paper. Your assignment must be built on a solid structure and this would not be possible if you don’t develop an outline first. Develop an outline to discuss important sections and create headings followed by sub-headings throughout your paper.
  • Do thorough background research. This step is quite time-consuming as it involves spending time in reviewing literature, visiting libraries to find relevant journals or articles, extract valid sources and if necessary, conduct interviews as well. Writing may not be more time-consuming than the research process, but that’s definitely worth to spend time on it. In fact, you are not even supposed to be afraid of conducting surveys and interviews if necessary.
  • Start the first draft. Once you have done your research, created an outline and, prepared the first draft with all the necessary details, it is time to give a final look to your assignment. Read everything from the first sentence to last concluding remarks. Check out for grammar, spellings and referencing errors. Your draft will start with the introduction, gradually progress to the body and, end with the conclusion. The introduction will acquaint the readers with the topic’s background and thesis statement. The body will develop the key points of the research question using facts and figures, and germane references. The conclusion will summarise the whole assignment while leaving the readers with an interesting food for thought to chew on later.
  • Don’t Try to Finish in First Attempt. If you think finishing your assignment in the first attempt (first draft) should be your first priority, then you are wrong. You should focus on organizing the research & content first. You better begin from the introduction and closing at a conclusion. Your intro will let your readers what you are going to talk about and why they should read further while the body section will give the answer to the statement question. Furthermore, the last section would conclude the discussion.
  • Edit it and proofread mistakes. Don’t think your work is finished once the draft is completed. You have to edit the assignment as well to fill out gaps in your discussions and amend errors that often conjure up while writing.

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