How to Take Notes in Class?

How to Take Notes in Class?

It is quite easy for students to use text books to prepare for exams and assignments in high school but as soon as they reach college, resources are not sufficient. Students need to attend lectures, read various books and then make their own notes that would help them when the time comes. For this reason, it is extremely necessary for college students to attend classes regularly, carefully listen to the lecture and take important notes. But what is so difficult in taking notes?

Without proper notes, you might not be able to prepare well for your exam and might have to buy assignment online in the end. Therefore, following are some tips that can help you take good notes in class:

  1. Use of smooth writing equipment: Make sure that the pen you are using is not too old that the ink ends and it stops working. You can miss out on a lot of important points if this happens. Also, when buying a pen, write anything on a piece of paper to ensure that you are able to write it smoothly because the smoother the pen is, the more you are willing to write and the faster is your writing pace.
  2. Neatness is not necessary: Forget the rule of using a different colored ink for headings and different for body content when taking notes.The notes are not to be submitted but they are just for your own understanding when you will prepare for exams or make assignments. Do not pay attention to the handwriting or paragraphing because all your attention should be on the content that you are writing. Professor will not tell you what to write but you have to carefully listen to the lecture and write points simultaneously.So there is not enough time to make it neat.
  3. Precision is the most important skill: Limited use of words to describe a whole point is the best skill college students can possess. There is not enough time to elaborate on a point that professors make during a lecture and so make brief and precise points in a way that when you read them after some time, you are able to understand the whole point.
  4. Use of diagrams and graphs: Apart from bullet points, make maximum use of graphs and diagrams if possible. These graphical demonstrations are excellent to write something very briefly and later to understand easily. For example, you can use graphical demonstrations in economics to save time but bullet point would be better for humanities and social science courses. So the responsibility of identifying the appropriate notes taking method lies entirely upon the student.
  5. No unnecessary breaks in between: Do not take a break in between when the lecture is still going on because of two reasons. Firstly, it requires time for a student to come back in that flow of taking notes. Once you break the flow to drink water or some other activity, you will need time to build that flow again during which you can miss out on a lot of points. Secondly, in the duration of a few seconds of your break, the instructor might explain the logic behind a very important concept that you can miss out on.

If you follow these tips, you will be able to take good notes and will not need to buy assignment online!


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