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Academic life is full of challenges and either you want or not, you must accept those challenges. Many students from the University of Southampton may not be very much interested in writing yet they can’t skip it. In fact, none of the students can deny the importance of writing projects in their academic life. For all those reluctant students, it is always good to leant the simplest way to write E Assignment Soton rather than neglecting it. This article is all about eassignment soton and mainly it answers three questions:

  • Question # 1: How to Make an Effective Presentation?
  • Question # 2: How to Write a Winning Assignment?
  • Question # 3: How to Write a Winning Assignment?

How to Make an Effective Presentation?

If you have some confusion about the presentation of your assignment, you better clarity such confusions first. Let’s start with some of the most significant elements to create an amazingly impressive presentation:

Introductory Page: The first page of your assignment covers key information about the project and therefore you should present them on the first page. The introductory information may include:

  • Title of Your Project
  • Module Details (i.e. name and number)
  • Student Name
  • Teacher Name
  • Submission Date
  • Word count

Primary and Secondary Headings: An assignment usually includes primary heading and a specific number of subheadings. So it is highly important to read the guidelines for subheading just in case there is a limit.

Standard Typing Pattern: The standard typing patterns follows double spacing and you should follow the same. For font type, you better use “Times New Roman”. As far as font size is concerned, the most preferable size is 12.

Page Margins on Four Sides: You need to set a margin of 2.5 cm on top, bottom, right and left sides of every page. This will allow you to have enough space on all sides of the page for making great presentation.

Specific Number of Pages: The title page does not contain a page number but the other pages are given numbers in sequel. The writer can add as many pages as needed to make arguments and evidence stronger.

Keeping Pages in Order: You can use as many pages as you need but one thing is for sure that you have to keep all of them in sequence. For keeping a bunch of pages in proper order, you can staple top left side of the document.

Most Preferred Reference System: There are various popular formatting and referencing options i.e. APA, Harvard, Chicago or MLA. However, you should always confirm what formatting style is followed by your institution.

Soft or Hard Copy: You might be required to submit your eassignment soton either in soft or hard copy. Ask your lecturer the type of version is required and then submit it accordingly.

Single or Multiple Copies: Normally the students are asked to submit one copy of their assignment but multiple copies may also be needed. Therefore, you must arrange additional copies if needed.

How to Write a Winning E Assignment?

Different assignments come with different requirements as per the subject. However, one common feature of every assignment is comprehensiveness. Yes a well written document would enable readers to understand each and every argument easily and clearly. Some very important writing guidelines are as follow:

Subject Knowledge: Professors ask students to write assignment because this is the best way to evaluate their subject knowledge. Therefore, you should always include most important, useful and relevant information in your paper.

Understanding of Subject: Your writing style would let your professor judge how clear you are about your subject. Therefore, you must ensure writing an easy to understand assignment for your readers. If you can do it, you will be quite successful.

Well Structured Paper: It is quite important to lay down a very well structured assignment. No matter how great knowledge you have given in your paper if it is not well structured, it is useless.

Give Perfect Analysis: To give a perfect analysis, you must have great analytical skills. In fact, your analysis will express how capable you are in your expertise. So it is always good to collect information very carefully.

Proper and Valid Referencing: When you put your arguments, these must be supported with evidences. Hence, you need accurate references. Remember if you give invalid references, no matter how strong your evidences are, these would bring no value to your arguments.

Free From Plagiarism: Your paper must be 100% plagiarism free. Do you know what does it mean? Well, if you use information from someone else research paper, you should always give them credit. Giving no credit to original author would form plagiarism in your assignment.

How to Submit an E-Assignment Successfully?

When you start an e assignment, you must finish it within a certain deadline and if you fail to do so, all your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, you must follow some rules while writing an assignment:

Last Date for Submission: You must know the deadline for submission of your assignment. In fact, the deadline will help you plan your project accordingly. You will exactly know how much time you have in hand and how much time you have to spend on every part of the project.

An Extended Deadline: You should always work accordingly to the deadline so you can finish it before it ends. However, you can still request for an extended deadline just in case you are afraid of missing it.

Extended Deadline Advanced Approval: Just in case you did not request an extension of deadline or approval is not granted, you must submit the assignment before the deadline is over. In case of non compliance, you could be declared as failed.


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