Dealing with Your Introvert Self at College

Dealing with Your Introvert Self at College

College is a place with probably the most diverse environment you will ever witness in your life. Here, you will come across people from completely different ethnic, religious and financial backgrounds. Also, the way students talk, interact and socialize is extremely different from one another even if they are from similar backgrounds. This is because of a person’s nature that is either with him since birth or he gradually adopted it due to environment he was brought up in.

It is absolutely normal to have a completely different nature than the majority as long as you are being yourself rather than being fake! Some enjoy cracking jokes while others hate such non-serious attitude, some love spending time with new people while some are introverts, some socialize a lot while others are antisocial and the list goes on. So if you are an introvert, you should be prepared to face some problems but you will eventually come out of the problem. You might not get help with assignment writers from a very genius person you hate but that is fine! Following are some tips to deal with your introvert personality at college:

  1. Analyze people to select your group: You are not required to fix in a group of people you do not know if you are an introvert. However, you will need to interact with people during classes, presentations, group projects, ice-breaking sessions and similar activities. These are opportunities for you to evaluate each person and decide whether he or she could be the right person for you to be friends with. You will meet tons of people who you feel uncomfortable with but the idea is to simply ignore them and strengthen your bond with those who make you feel good and comfortable. You are definitely not required to have a large group of friends but ultimately, you will need friends throughout college for help with assignment or hanging out in free time.
  2. Making efficient use of TA service and office hours: Being an introvert, students are often hesitant to ask questions during class and this eventually leads to poor understanding of a few concepts. In order to deal with this problem, visit the professor or his teaching assistants during their office hours to get your concepts clear and to get your questions answered. This individual attention during office hours is an opportunity for introvert students to speak openly since there is no one around.
  3. Do what you enjoy: It is not necessary that if majority of students like to attend dance parties, you should enjoy that too. People with an introvert personality usually avoid goingto parties and gatherings because there are people all around! So identify which activity, be it sports, dancing, singing or yoga, you enjoy the most and spend your spare time doing it.
  4. Finding other introverts: Yes this may sound strange but similar people usually attract each other. If you do not like being among people, there must be many others who do not as well. So notice such people and try approaching them through any excuse and be friends with them.
  5. Whatever you do, never think of staying all alone no matter how good you feel doing so. You will need someone to accompany you in one way or another during your time at college.


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