Why Write a Cover Letter

cover letterThere are many reasons why you should submit a cover letter with your CV, especially when you are desperate to get a job ad you think that the competition is very tough. Employers are basically looking for two core things in every applicant; experience and passion. If you have a working experience of working 5-10 years in a particular industry you are applying for, you probably do not have to give much attention to your cover letter as your CV will speak for itself, unless you have not made it a booklet defining every little detail about yourself. However, if you think that your resume will be outdone by others, then it is high time to pay focus to your opening cover letter.

I can make your dustbin empty, as nothing what I writes end up there! This was the opening line of a candidate applying for a Creative Writer position. This line immediately got my attention and I am very sure that the recruitment manager would also have at least thrown an eye to this person’s CV.  Your cover letter is like the window of the house of your CV, a mere glimpse of it. If you are very passionate about working for the company, do not crowd your CV with it, keep it for the cover letter.

It is apparent that the tone and throw of your cover letter will not be the same, as exemplified above, if you are applying for a more serious job nature, like doctor, banker or lawyer. So, it is your creativity that how to integrate your passion and experience with the nature of the job. One thing that you should always restrain from being detailed cover letters. I have seen detailed 3-4 pager CVs getting the dust of trash bin without getting a mere look, just because they were too lengthy to be read, no matter what content was in it. You should try to focus on the areas of, “why do I want to work with this particular company? Why am I switching? Why am I interested in this job or field? Why I am a better candidate than others? Why I studied what I studied? How I can be an asset for the company.

Do not end the letter abruptly and do mention that you are looking forward for their response. Also mention your email address and phone number, in case the recruitment manager has main his or her mind to interview you, and do not need to go through your CV.