Tips to Ace the Research Assignment – Assignment box

Some undergraduate courses require students to write a research paper which is usually the main assignment of the semester. This component has a lot of weight age because a research assignment demands a lot of time and effort from students. A research essay is generally over 2500 words and the entire content is based on research that students conduct either through internet, online journals, books or surveys. The rules of plagiarism must be kept in mind while writing a research assignment because citations are necessary in proper formatting.

There are several steps in writing a research assignment. Firstly, students need to choose a specific topic which is a crucial decision to make. Choosing a wrong topic can lead to several problems in assignment writing so you must spend considerable amount of time in choosing the topic. Next you have to begin research and find a lot of content to argue on with evidences for each argument. The research is usually very convenient and efficient through internet because all the academic journals and papers are just one click away. Once you have the researched content, writing the assignment in a smooth flow and proofreading it before submission are the final steps.

Following are some tips that you must follow to ace this research assignment:

1) Seek advice from academic experts on the topic: The topic selection will either be based on choosing one from a number of given topics or any topic you can think of. If former is the case, shortlist the ones you are interested in and then consult the professor or any other academic experts to advice you on which topic is better to write on. They think from a range of perspectives and can provide you with useful suggestions. In the latter case, brainstorm the topics you are interested in and then consult the experts.

2) Begin research as soon as possible: The name “research” assignment is evident enough of the fact that research is the most important part in the entire assignment writing process. Therefore, you need to spend a significant amount of time on research. If you waste any time in the beginning, you will panic towards the end which will affect the quality of your assignment box. Hence, begin the research as soon as you are sure about the topic and start gathering the content that you intend to use.

3) Writing in a flow: The content you find via research will be based on different studies and so it is your ultimate responsibility to join the dots wisely. You have to include all the researched content in a way that one argument connects to the other in a systematic manner. The first step to do this is by writing the content without taking a break in between. This creates a proper image in student’s mind about what has been written till now. For this reason, students are advised to write in one flow, end a discussion and then take a tea or coffee break.

4) Proofreading the content: Finally, every assignment requires proofreading so that minor errors are eliminated. Leave enough time in the end for this because proofreading the research assignment can take slightly longer. If possible, get an expert read your assignment for satisfaction and make sure the citations are in proper format.