Managing Academics and Extracurricular at College


A survey revealed that college students claimed college life to be a prominent transition from a very simple journey i.e. high school. College life seems to be a life changing and the most fruitful experience of a student’s life because there is so much to learn and explore. Students claim that at college, their life no longer remains limited to books and notes but goes far beyond that. The importance of extracurricular activities becomes obvious at college and so students have to manage both, academics and extracurricular activities, together.

Extracurricular activities at school only meant participation in sports, debates and other similar events. At college, they are taken to a greater level where students are given major responsibilities to deal with. Providers of UK assignment claims that students often take extracurricular work so seriously that they ignore academics which is not the right thing to do. Regardless of whether you are the director of a department of a society or president, following are some ways to manage academics and extracurricular well:

Predict The Workload You Will Have To Manage In Extracurricular Activities

If we talk specifically about student-run societies, not every society will demand much of your time. A survey revealed that an average college today has more than 20 societies dealing with different activities and not all of them are huge ones. Some societies work on a small scale due to which there is very less work for their members. Some societies, however, work on a very large scale organizing national level and even international level events.

So if you are a part of such a society, which is a great thing to be, it is imperative for you to know well how to manage time. Students often end up performing poorly in academics for the sake of becoming prominent in a society. So first of all, predict how much time would be required by that society from you.

Be Prepared For Sudden Calls

You would probably get all the assignments and exam dates well before they are due but society work can be urgent at times. You might be required to attend some conference or workshop on an urgent basis so make sure you are ready for these sudden incidents. If you have to miss a quiz or assignment submission, consider skipping society’s work because academics should always be prioritized at college. A lot of things depends upon the CGPA you have while graduating!

Under Or Over Allocation Of Time

You have to be as accurate in your prediction of time allocation as possible because an under or over allocation of time in one activity can lead to a loss in the other. If you are in a society meeting where you feel like your department’s existence is negligible, leave the room and spend that time on academics. Similarly, if you feel like the time provided for an assignment is more than enough, you can spend time working for the society. Any under or over allocation will only result in unfavorable consequences.

Providers of UK assignment services and other academic experts claim that students should not join many societies simultaneously. It is always better and manageable to join one or two societies and remain loyal to them throughout.