How To Write A Research Proposal?

Many new students have no idea that what a research proposal is? Along with that, they have no idea that how important it is. A research proposal is equally important as the research itself is. But poorly students have no idea about it. The research proposal is a necessary document that one has to give at the beginning. Not only the research proposal gives but also impresses the committee and the supervisor. The research proposal should be so attractive that the supervisors are compelled to read it. Basically, the need for this is that it provides a gateway and deep information to the reader that everyone research is about and what and how will you accomplish it with. All the main things that what is it?

What is the question for query on which this research is depending; the methodologies used for it are mentioned in the proposal? The better your proposal is the more chances are for you to succeed in your research. All the things and the issues must be addressed in this proposal. Despite it being a short document that will have round about 3000 words this should contain all the necessary information as this is mandatory.

You must also mention that how you will conduct this research that measures will you take for it to get completed, the entire competence is dependent on the proposal. If the proposal is accepted none can stop you to complete your dream.

What should a proposal have??


This is for sure the most important part of any document. The title must be striking and appealing. In the proposal, you will tell the name of the title that you will carry on in future whilst doing the research itself. The title should not be vague but must be really precise and genuine so that the reader understands it easily and your topic. The more complicated and vaguer it will be there are fewer chances that it will be approved. this the qualitative proposal is essential because of the proposal is not well written the supervisor may reject it thinking that of a candidate is incapable of writing this short striking document then how will they be competent enough to conduct the research.


This must have the query that you have for the research. It should be short and no longer than that of 300 words. Keep in mind that this one is tricky and you need to complete your query and summarize it in these 300 words. This must have the hypotheses and why is it being conducted by you. Also, methods and the main findings and the sample of study must also be included in it. In short abstract means a minor summary that will happen in the research.


This has the background of the topic and related things that are associated with it. This is also tricky at its end as it will link all the data and there will be twist and merging.

Research objectives:

In this part you need to tell what the aims are and why are you actually conducting this research. The need must be mentioned in it. The reasoning should be given to you that why you need it?? You must tell these clearly as the reader will give marks according to it and the verdicts that they take.

Literature review:

In this part, the older researches that are conducted on the same topic as yours are discussed, used and even criticized.

Methodologies used:

All the methodologies used in your research must be aimed here. You must tell why you choose this methodology have and which type of your research is, qualitative or quantitative. You must also mention what will be the means to collect the data after the methodologies are designed and chosen.


Mentioning in your very own words you need to describe the results and the findings that you think are most appropriate. Bear in mind that this is your research and judge and justify what is just right. Through hypotheses and whatever means you will accomplish your research must also be stated in the proposal.


This again is your very own opinion. The work should be so engaging that the person who is reading it hooks with it till the end as this is the most important part where a reader is able to justify that either the research proposal or the research itself worth it or not. You must include all that is right creativity and enthusiasm.


You should mention all the sites, journals, books and whatever area you have taken information from and cite it.This is very necessary to explain that all the data taken and included in the work is genuine and is already researched. You must also include the references in the end.