4 Google’s Apps That Are Serving Students

Google education appsNowadays, number of Google tools are involve in helping student in their classroom too. Google is serving students without any charge to pursue their studies with mind blowing application. Students just need to spend bit of time to select the best tool they want that helps them in studying. In addition all the tools are easy to use and related to each other.

Commonly students only knew about Google search engine from the list of others tools that is designed to assist students in understanding and learning new things. Now let’s have a look on the Google tools that are serving students round the clock either in school or any place of the world.

Google Drive

This superb application is helping students to record and manage their class work from anywhere in the world. Students can easily record  their lectures of their favorite subject and then listen it later to understand it clearly. Audio sharing allows student to complete their work even if they missed their class lecture. Students can also avail benefits from drive note that helps to view, edit all types of documents.

Write Space

Write space is a web application designed for Google chrome to facilitate students while writing. It is a simple, full-screen text editor that is easy to use and also avoid problems that student faces while writing. By this auto save web application students don’t need to save their work again and again as it is automatically saved. Its offline feature allows you to work offline, no worry of internet connection. Moreover, students can also customize their document as per their requirement.

Research Tool

Research tool is an outstanding application that is launched to easily add up information from web to your document. Once you install it then it will appear automatically on the sidebar of your document to help you search related information through internet. It also help student by providing suggestion based on your writing. Research tool also facilitates you with features including preview, inserts (clips, picture, etc)along with cite option to remember your sources of information. True to say it works for students.

Google Moderator

Moderator enables students to make a meaningful conversation by the help of many different people’s question, ideas and opinions. Students can ask as many questions as they want on any topic from the other users of Google moderator who respond the question. You can also share your opinion in the community.