How to Deal with Different Types of Examination Questions? | Assignment Box

If you have started your studies for the new academic session, the time is not so far when you will be having your examination along with stress and depression all around you. The most disturbing thing for the students is “Question Paper” which contains different types of questions and most of the students find it quite difficult to differentiate between different types. If you hold your paper in hand and keep worrying how you are going to go through it, you will never be able to finish it.

What’s the Best Solution to Answer Question Paper?

The best solution to get out of the trouble is to learn how you should be answering different types of questions. When you are required to do an assignment, you do it on your own or find a solution in form of an online assignment service but in examination, you are totally on your own and you must remember that the college is much different than your school where you didn’t have to go through cut-through competition. In this article, you can learn about different question and how to answer them efficiently.

Most Common Types of Examination Questions

By going through previous years’ questions sheets, you can find one very common thing among all of them and that is the pattern of the paper which is based on certain types of questions. Now if you understand different types of questions, you can answer them efficiently. Some of the most common types of questions are as follow:

1: Informative Questions

These questions may generally be starting with what, why and how and all of them require you to give your answer a bit differently.

• For example, a question that starts with “what” will generally requires you to give concise and clear-cut answer rather than putting unnecessary details. You don’t necessary give details but one or more diagrams can be created to explain answer clearly.
• On contrary, a question with “why” may ask you to put more efforts as you might have to talk in favor or against the question and in both cases, you will be required to give arguments or explanations with the help of data, facts and figures. For example, you may be asked why not to buy assignment online.

• A “how question” might require you to tell how something happens. Here you will have to be very careful in answering the question because you will usually be talking about different steps of a process which might be wrong in one or more stages.

2: Multiple Choice Questions

Most of the examination papers contain MCQs section in all major subjects and the best thing about this type of question is that you have multiple choices and you just need to choose the right answer. However, it could become so difficult because sometimes the question can be quite tricky. Therefore, you must think twice before you choose the right answer. Choices must be made on the basis of accuracy and authenticity like you do in case of assignment writing assistance from external sources.

3: Explanation Questions

Some people think that explanation question is not a regular question because it simply asks you to give more explanation to an idea, concept or even a situation. To be able to answer this type of question accurately, you will have to go deeper into the topic and to make your answer more understandable. You should also add examples.

4: Illustration Questions

It is quite similar to the explanation question because in this type of question, you will give explanation through diagram which makes your answer more illustrative. Keep in mind that the answer will be considered incomplete without necessary diagrams and therefore, you must make some diagrams which can make your answer more illustrative.

5: Comparison Questions

Comparison question is another popular type of question which requires you to describe two different sets of elements, objects or ideas and their similarities. The simplest and of course the best possible way to answer this type of question is to use a tabular form to compare similarities. Make sure to put some necessary explanation along with the table to make things much easier to understand. For example, if you are looking for assignment service, you don’t just find one source and lock it but you find different sources of assistance and compare their similarities and uniqueness.

6: Differentiation Questions

Differentiation question is completely opposite type of comparison question because in this type, you are required to talk about differences about two or more different elements, objects or ideas. However, similar to the comparison question, in differentiation type, you should also use a tabular form to make your answer more accurate and understandable.

7: Definition Questions

In a definition question, a subject is specifically focused and one has to define it with complete details so the more accurate answer can be generated. You don’t have to use illustrations, tables or diagrams but the examples are considered quite significant. When giving answer of a definition question, you must try to keep yourself specific to the point of discussion.

8: Elaboration Questions

Elaboration questions as the name itself explains that the answer should be very well elaborated and the subject must be explored as deeper as possible. Relatively, these questions are easier than the others and therefore, one must try to answer it by putting sufficient amount of research. The answer should be very well researched, informative and interesting too. To learn more about it, you can also approach reliable research and writing service providers especially those who you can buy assignment from.

9: Computational Questions

A computational question which can also be called a problem based question may become part of stats, math or even science examination paper. There are computations and calculations and you have to excel in these things to be able to find a solution for a problem. The answer must be accurate.

10: Essay-Type Questions

When you get an essay type question, you are required to write your answer in form of an essay and it might be as short as few paragraphs or as long as few pages. While answering, there is no need to add reference list but of course it is better to acknowledge the sources. The question might also include the required length of your answer.