How to Collect Necessary Information/ Materials for Your Academic Assignment? Advanced Searching Tricks

If you have been asked to write an assignment and you have clearly understood what it is all about, you should spare some time and consider the way you will be doing it. Think how you will collect all the information you need to include in your assignment. During data collection process, you must go through assignment booklet to make sure you are not going on a wrong track. Secondly, it will also help you decide what items will get you more marks. Here are a few important things to remember during data collection process:

* Figure out how much time you need to work on different steps of assignment preparation including planning, outlining, drafting and finalizing steps.

* As you move forward, keep taking necessary notes from the study material.
* Never forget to keep the references of material sources as you need them in reference section.
*Put all your ideas and notes together and review them.

How to Plan Your Search Process?

The search of necessary information for your assignment is a long process and you really need to plan it carefully to save as much time as you can. Going through the search process without proper planning does not just take your time but also your energy and most probably at the end, you will still be missing the items you need. So it is an absolute requirement to plan your search in advance. Here are some important tips to plan search process:

* Focus on your specific topic and figure out what you know about it.
* Choose the most appropriate words to create a description for your main topic.
* Now find out the gaps in your research base and try to fill those gaps.
* What kind of information you need to collect i.e basic intro, detailed description/explanation or the facts and statistics to support your thesis.
* Decide what could be the most useful place to find the required information such as a website, library database, books or articles etc.

Quick Searching Tricks

* Choose some relevant keywords to carry out the search process as this will ensure you find out exactly what you are looking for.
* Sometime you can’t find required items even after spending hours and it simply means you need to change search strategy.
* Set a time limit of 30-40 minutes for certain items and if you can’t find them without this period, use new strategy rather than wasting any more time on it.
* You can choose different keywords or access different sources of information.
*You will be able to use filtering option in search tools which will allow you to bring results by resources or subject.

Where to look for the Information

When you proceed to collect necessary data for your research work, there are various places where you can look for the information such as:

* Library Search
* Online journal article
* Selected study resources
* Google Scholar
* Other resources

Choose Most Powerful Evidences to Support Your Thesis

You need to figure out what kind of evidences will prove to be more powerful to support your argument, opinion or claim such as other writers’ research work, tables, figures, quotations etc. You simply need to ask yourself what kind of evidences will answer your assignment question. In case you need to find out additional sources of information to work on your specific assignment, you should follow these steps:

* Before you conduct search, plan it much earlier as this will help you work as per the time you have in hand.
* Make sure to carry out a more focused and narrowed search as this will help you access the more relevant results.
* Make an evaluation of everything you have found as this will help you figure out what is supposed to be part of project.

Final Step – Reviewing Collected Data

Once you have collected enough data, you need to review whatever you have collected so far to answer research question. Review assignment instructions and ensure you have done everything correctly as per the requirement. If there are some unnecessary or irrelevant items, don’t just drop them but keep them saved for a certain period of time.