Best Way to Prepare for Quizzes with Assignment Box

As soon as high school ends, students enter a whole new era of quizzes, assignments and presentations. Although students get tested in high school as well but the workload surely increases in college. Each course at college comprises of a grade breakup which might include quizzes, exams, presentation, class participation, group projects and attendance. Quizzes, however, make up significant portion of the total grade because it is probably the least time consuming yet efficient means of testing students’ preparation.

There were several instances when I had to ask others to do my assignment or essay just because I had to ace a quiz. A good performance in quizzes can improve your overall grade quite significantly. For this reason, it is necessary for students to understand the importance of quizzes. Quizzes can be announced or unannounced so make sure you attend all classes to avoid missing a quiz. Make up quizzes are not easily approved for everyone. Following are some ways to prepare efficiently for quizzes:

1) Use of class notes

Studying from books and course material is never a bad option but the content is very detailed in these resources. For quizzes, you will not get sufficient time because the syllabus is less and hence you must use class notes for studying. It is for this reason why academic experts emphasize upon notes taking during lectures. If you missed a few lectures and do not have the notes, get them from other students in your class which is a common strategy that many students adopt.

Since all students write notes in a hurry, it may not be easily understandable by everyone else. Therefore it is important to attend classes regularly and make notes of lectures.

2) Ignore other tasks that are not important:

For the time being, it is a great idea to ignore other tasks like essays and assignments that are due. Thinking about them will keep you distracted from the quiz preparation and so if they need to be completed urgently, I used to ask a friend or colleague to do my assignment. You may consider doing one task along with quiz preparation if that is very important like a presentation on the same day as quiz. You cannot, obviously, ask another person to present instead of you!

3) Keep the distractions aside:

Any task will get immensely difficult if there are distractions around. Your favorite TV show being aired, an interesting gossip going on in a Whatsapp group and any other social media activity can be highly distracting. Make sure that before you begin studying for the quiz, you eliminate all possible distractions and one major way of doing this is by switching off mobile’s internet. As far as your TV show is concerned, you can always watch it later on a video streaming website. Hence, think of efficient ways to fight distraction for better preparation of quizzes.

4) Do not ask others about their preparation:

The worst thing you can do is to ask other students about how they are studying and how much have they prepared for it. Every student adopts a different strategy so while it may seem like they are way ahead of you, it might be the other way round. So mind your own business when it comes to quiz preparation.


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